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Solidarity with the monastery Jangchup Chosling, Wakha

The nun monastery Jangchup Chosling in Wakha, under the direction of Ken Rinpoche Sonam Palsang has been supported for years by a few private sponsors through regular transfers. Co-ordination is in Germany done by Elizabeth Pankhurst (Jayaprabha). The transfers to India take place via the Tibetan Centre in Hamburg (www.tibet.de).

Would you like to help support this monastry? A suggested contribution of for example 2, 5, 10, 20 or 50 euros per month helps support the education of the nuns of the Wakha monastry which includes the handing down of the traditional Tibetan language and Tibetan cultural practises. Preservation of Tibetan culture is especially important because Tibet has been occupied by Chinese communists for the last fifty years and the Tibetan culture suppressed in it's own land while in Ladakh (India) the Tibetan language and culture is no longer taught in schools either. Donations also go towards the fundamental supply of food and firewood. Of course different amounts and unique donations are possible. The receipts for taxation use can be published by the Tibetan Centre.

Elizabeth Pankhurst (Jayaprabha) is very happy to hear from potential sponsors in person at the following telephone number 030-49791473 from inside Germany, from abroad 0049-30-49791473, mail address , or at the postal address Elizabeth Pankhurst, Stockholmer Straße 32, D-13359 Berlin. Bank details will follow.

Ken Rinpoche Sonam Palsang often sends his thanks in person again and again directly to the sponsors of the nun monastery with photos as well as reports. The possibility also exists of developing a direct connection to the Rinpoche and to the monastery through an exchange of letters or also by a personal visit to India.

An example of a direct connection was the dispatch of winter shoes a few years ago. In Ladakh the winter is extremely cold and long and good, warm footwear is not easy to get in India. Thus altogether 3 packages with shoes were sent directly to the monastry in Wakha. Back came cordial thank-you letters and photos of young nuns and their new shoes.

Below is a letter of Ken Rinpoche Sonam Palsang from Mai 2009:

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